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In this article, we will discuss TOP 20 MCQS IN ROAD CONSTRUCTION that are frequently asked in interviews and in ability tests.


1.     The term used for major or important roads of a country is:
(a)  Country road
(b)  Urban road
(c)   Highway
(d)  None of these
Answer: (c) Highway
2.     A road connecting two towns is called:
(a)  Country road
(b)  Urban road
(c)   Highway
(d)  None of these
Answer: (a) Country road
3.     A road within a city or town is called an urban road.
(a)  True
(b)  False
Answer: (a) True
4.     The portion of a road surface which is used by vehicular traffic is known as;
(a)  Carriage way
(b)  Shoulder
(c)   Express way
(d)  All of these
Answer: (a) Carriage way
5.     The city roads which are meant for through traffic usually on a continuous route is known as;
(a)  Carriage way
(b)  Express Way
(c)   Arterial streets
(d)  Sub-arterial streets
Answer: (c) Arterial streets
6.     The central portion of a road for high speed vechicle is know as;
(a)  Motor way
(b)  Express Way
(c)   Shoulder
(d)  Both (a) & (b)
Answer: (d) Both (a) & (b)
7.     The Carriage way is protected by------------- wide shoulders.
(a)  0.5 to 1.25m
(b)  1.25 to 2m
(c)   2 to 4m
(d)  4 to 6m
Answer: (b) 1.25 to 2m
8.     The importance of road in a country is comparable to the veins in a human body;
(a)  Agree
(b)  Disagree
Answer: (a) Agree
9.     Which of the following statement is correct
(a)  Footpaths are particularly provided in the case of urban roads
(b)  Footpaths are 15 cm to 20 cm higher than the road surface.
(c)   Shoulders are generally in level with road surface, having a slope towards the drain side.
(d)  All of the above
Answer: (d) All of the Above
10.The grand trunk (G.T) road was constructed during:
(a)  1440 to 1445 A.D
(b)  1540 to 1545 A.D
(c)   2000 to 2500 A.D
(d)  2500 to 3000 A.D
Answer: (b) 1540 to 1545 A.D
11.The roads connecting capital cities of a state is known as;
(a)  National Highway
(b)  Express Way
(c)   State highway
(d)  Capital Highway
Answer: (c) State highway
12.For the water bound macadam road, the recommended camber is;
(a)  1 in 24 to 1 in 30
(b)  1 in 30 to 1 in 48
(c)   1 in 60 to 1 in 80
(d)  1 in 80 to 1 in 120
Answer: (b) 1 in 30 to 1 in 48
13.The camber for the drainage of road surface, was first introduced by;
(a)  Telford
(b)  Tresaguet
(c)   Sully
(d)  Macadam
Answer: (b) Tresaguet
14.In water bound macadam roads:
(a)  Small broken stones are laid into two layers
(b)  Voids between the stones are filled by stone dust
(c)   Camber for drainage is given at the formation level itself
(d)  All of the above
Answer: (d) All of the above
15.The total annual cost of highway transportation may be expressed as:
(a)   A = B - CN
(b)   A = B + CN
(c)    A = B / CN
(d)   A = CN / B
A = Total Annual cost
B = Annual cost of Highway
C = Annual cost of vehicle operation (single vehicle)
N = Total number of vehicles on the road per year.

Answer: (c) A = B / CN

16.The state highways should have 8 m wide carriage way with 2 m wide shoulder on each side;
(a)  Right
(b)  Wrong
Answer: (a) Right
17.In order to give satisfactory service throughout the year, the road surface should;
(a)  Have a good carriage way
(b)  Have smooth gradient
(c)   Have a good wearing surface
(d)  All of these
Answer: (d) All of these
18.The top of the ground on which the foundation of road rests is called;
(a)  Sub-grade
(b)  Soling
(c)   Base
(d)  Wearing layer
Answer: (a) Sub-grade
19.The foundation of the road is called;
(a)  Soling
(b)  Base
(c)   Either (a) or (b)
(d)  None of these
Answer: (c) Either (a) or (b)

20. The super structure of a road is called;
(a)  Wearing layer
(b)  Wearing layer
(c)   Road surface
(d)  Any one of these
Answer: Any one of these

I hope that this article will help you know about TOP 20 MCQS IN ROAD CONSTRUCTION that are frequently used in interviews and in ability tests.


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